How to get abs

Getting abs is  a tough thing to get but with these workouts I will show how you can get them.

You dont have to go to the gym to get in the best shape of your life actually you can get in better in shape at home and im here to tell how. Beach body is a company that has great home workouts to choose from and the best ones has to be Insanity and t25 as they dont need any equipment just your body a,d also the flex belt which will strengthen you core. These workouts are very intense and will leave on the floor once you are done. One thing is certain about these workouts is that once you are done with the program you will transform into a new person.

Inanity before and after results

The Insanity workout is a pre body weight workout that is based on cardio so if you are trying to lose weight and get those definition then thsi workout is for you just know you will not gain much muscle or get stronger this is for you endurance. Insanity is not just a workout it also gives you schedule on eating also and a recipe book on what to eat because eating right is just as important as working and some might argue it is more important. This workout is hard and I dont think anyone can finish wont heir first try.

t25 before and after results

T25 is differetn as it is a shorter workout but even more intense as it will work you for all of those 25 minutes. What makes this workout great it that you dont have any excuse not to do this workout as it is short and fun workout. This is different from insanity as you will get stronger from the workout and lose the belly fat.

Flex belt reviews

One last product I do want to show everyone is the flex belt which is a great belt that will workout those abs and get rid of that fat you is covering up these beautiful abs of yours. What makes this great is  that you can workout your abs on you off day maybe while watching football or something else.


Build crazy character in rpgs

See how you can build crazy characters in rpgs like skyrim and Dark Souls

What make rpgs so much fun is building the characters from a zero to a hero. When you start your character is weak and it is up to you build this character into a power house. What makes this so much fun is seeing you character becoming a powerful character that can beat any character in the game. When you play Skyrim you will see a build that fits and see how it does in missions. I always went with archers in rpgs because I always like fighting at a distance like a coward lol. I build my character with stealth so I became an assassin/ archer / archer build which I had a blast playing with. After I finished building this character I had a blast with this character. This build was perfect for the Dark Brotherhood guide because of the assassin mission.

Dark Souls is a little different because there isnt a stealth build and bows arent the best in the game and you have to keep buying arrows which can be annoying so I went with something else. I wet with a magic build becaus eit is one of the more powerful classes in the game when it came to pve but not so much to pvp because players are smart enough to know how to beat magic. In Dark Souls you cant be one dimensional because it will lead you to die and die again. It is a good thing that magic isnt as strong in pvp because it can be very cheap and make pvp not fun anymore. One thing I can say I love about Dark Souls is that the best man does win the fight and who knows how to build there character and play the game.

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