Singing in the rain February 16, 2015

Singing to us comes naturally. Writing a good song requires practice but to create a masterpiece you have to have the right technique and imagination. The imagination should come from you. I will give you the technical side. The following tips will help you in singing and songwriting no matter the genre of music that you make.

Come Up With a Subject To Write For.

This should be the first thing you need to do before composing the lyrics. It’s advisable to choose a subject your listeners can relate to. The fans need something they can connect to in a deeper level, as this will help them connect with what they are saying. How do you come up with a subject: first, you can deduce the subject from a line you had created in a moment of inspiration and revolve your song around the theme of that single line. Also you can come up with a subject first and then write down the lyrics about it

Analyze Some of the Greatest/Hit Songs

As a song writer you have to develop a habit of analyzing songs. You will realize that most songs have certain pattern and chord beats that are similar to many artists. Most songs have structure of having a verse_ chorus_ verse_ chorus_ bridge_ chorus.

Learn How to Play At least One Musical Instrument

You have to learn on how to play a guitar or a piano if you want to write songs, but if you only need to write lyrics, then a pen and a paper are enough for you. The good thing about a guitar or piano is that they are relatively inexpensive and can accommodate different genres and styles. Choose an electric keyboard over acoustic one as it can create complex harmonies including drum loops from a single instrument.

Finally, having followed the above tips about singing and songwriting. I think its good we look at a very crucial part of the song called the chorus. Developing a good and catchy chorus is what makes a difference between hit songs and ordinary songs. The chorus connects each verse to another. It doesn’t necessary require rhyming but it should catch people’s attention. Almost all hit/good songs have catchy choruses. Having now learned that, you can go ahead and write a few songs and lyrics.

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guitar lessons for beginners


Learning the guitar is a goal for most people, but it is still a dream to most. While learning the guitar requires time and effort, the learning process can be quite rewarding. All it needs is some goals, practice and a little help a long the way. Below are guitars for beginners tips on how to be a great player with a few easy steps.

For starters, you need to get yourself an acoustic or electric guitar. Before buying a guitar of your own, find out if a family member or friend has a guitar that they wouldn’t mind lending to you until you are ready to buy your own. This also gives you a chance to get them to show you a few chords to get you started.

Together with getting the right guitar, there are several types of equipments that a guitar player uses daily. The type of string in use, the thickness of the guitar picks to play with, length of the guitar strap; all will add to your sound and influence your plying style.

When you are comfortable in handling the guitar, you should learn about the range of sounds you can create. Additionally, you need to have an idea of notes that sound great when played together.

The guitar is quite a versatile instrument. The strumming and picking techniques learned in the beginner courses gives you a chance to become a better guitarist, but to be exceptional, you need stop repeating the same songs and progressions and start to experiment with improvision.

Once you become a competent guitarist, you need to create your own style. What types of music do you play and enjoy listening to? Whether you like jazz, blues, or rock, you can use your guitar to come up with the music you enjoy playing and which your audience will love to listen to.

The most vital thing you can do is PLAY. Take your guitar and start playing chords and notes at the same time without worrying about what you are doing or pausing for mistakes.

One of the most crucial things you can do is play with others. Look for friends who also play instruments and learn certain songs together, through this way you will draw inspiration from one another.

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Get in shape smart September 13, 2014

See how you can get the right result working out

Many people exercise really hard like 5 times a week 1 to 2 hrs session, however they do not get any sort of results. They still have no interpretation and that intestine but why, since it has to do with high quality not quantity. If you do not understand just what you are doing that can simply go to throw away, you can workout all day but. The problem is that there is a lot of falsehoods available that folks succumb to like the magic tablet that will assist you shed 20 lbs an eat whatever you desire or an unique healthy protein shake that will certainly assist you gain 20 pounds of muscle. At the end of the day you could obtain those supplements from food not from a pill or a powdered healthy protein.

Now there are DVDs were specialists that obtain in shape for a living are providing their keys as well as the fantastic part is that anybody can do it. DVDs like MI40x by Ben Pakluski as well as Muscle Mazimizer by Kyle Leon offers you an overview on the proper method to develop lean muscular tissue and also it does not include supplements, but educates you how you can manipulate your muscle to expand. The other DVDs is the Venus Factor which is for females to shed fat permanently. This dvd will instruct ladies how to improve their metabolism to burn fatty tissue as opposed to taking a “magic tablet” which will not operate in the long run. You might shed number of pounds however when you are finished with it the weight stabs in the back. With the Venus Factor it will certainly educate females to shed the weight as well as stay slim. This is very important since ladies have a more difficult time to burn fat and also this will certainly help them to shed it. Then you will certainly obtain in the shape you want, if you are making use of these DVDs.

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Build crazy character in rpgs August 27, 2014

See how you can build crazy characters in rpgs like skyrim and Dark Souls

What make rpgs so much fun is building the characters from a zero to a hero. When you start your character is weak and it is up to you build this character into a power house. What makes this so much fun is seeing you character becoming a powerful character that can beat any character in the game. When you play Skyrim you will see a build that fits and see how it does in missions. I always went with archers in rpgs because I always like fighting at a distance like a coward lol. I build my character with stealth so I became an assassin/ archer / archer build which I had a blast playing with. After I finished building this character I had a blast with this character. This build was perfect for the Dark Brotherhood guide because of the assassin mission.

Dark Souls is a little different because there isnt a stealth build and bows arent the best in the game and you have to keep buying arrows which can be annoying so I went with something else. I wet with a magic build because eit is one of the more powerful classes in the game when it came to pve but not so much to pvp because players are smart enough to know how to beat magic. In Dark Souls you cant be one dimensional because it will lead you to die and die again. It is a good thing that magic isnt as strong in pvp because it can be very cheap and make pvp not fun anymore. One thing I can say I love about Dark Souls is that the best man does win the fight and who knows how to build there character and play the game.

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